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The team at Midwifery Women’s Care has provided Gynecological services for many female residents of Boca Raton, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Gynecology Q & A

What Is Gynecology?

Gynecology is the medical field that specializes in health issues that are specific to women and their reproductive systems. The field involves the diagnosis and treatment of health concerns related to the female reproductive system, which includes both the breasts and vaginal area. Most women see their gynecologist annually for a Well Woman check-up which may also include pelvic exams and breast exams.

What happens during an annual GYN exam?

Patients will discuss any changes they have experienced in the past year, and to ask any questions about their reproductive health. The provider will also collect information about each patient’s health history, and will ask if there are any changes desired in terms of birth control. Next, a breast exam is conducted to check for any changes in breast tissue. The doctor will then perform an external exam, followed by a pelvic exam. If a Pap smear is scheduled, a small sample of cells will be taken during the pelvic exam. The exam typically concludes with questions or concerns the patient may have and advice on birth control options and other applicable health issues.

Who Should See a Provider for Gynecological Care?

Women should begin seeing a healthcare provider for gynecological care from the time they’re a teenager. As soon as an adolescent has her first menstrual period through menopause, she should regularly see a provider who can make sure her body continues to be healthy and treat any issues that arise.

How Long Does a Gynecological Appointment Take?

A gynecological appointment usually takes about as long as a standard wellness exam. The appointment involves some paperwork, discussing any symptoms or questions that the patient has, and a brief exam. All of this can be completed in just a short amount of time, often less than an hour. Sometimes lab tests can make an appointment take a little longer, but even when testing is necessary it’s usually still easy to fit an appointment into a day.

Insurance Policy

We accept most major insurance providers. We accept the following Medicaid HMOs: Prestige, Humana Family and Sunshine Medicaid. We do not take BCBS Select, BCBS (My Blue), GHI, Better Health Medicaid, South Florida Community Care Medicaid, Molina Medicaid, Vita Health, Ambetter Sunshine, Magellan and Best Choice. Please contact our office for more information about your coverage options. We do not accept Humana Medicaid or Humana Medicare. We do accept Commercial Humana plans and Humana HMOX

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Golden Rule
Great West Health Care
Oxford (UnitedHealthcare)
United Healthcare

Words from our patients

  • Yelp

    "The staff and midwives are beyond wonderful. The office is absolutely beautiful, and I recommend anyone who is looking for an OB/GYN to go to Midwifery Women's Care!"

    Ashley F.
  • Yelp

    "Kathy Fair is the best! I moved to Fort Lauderdale three years ago, but still make the drive to see her!"

    Giovanna Z.
  • facebook

    "Was blown away by Kathy Fair and the amazing staff! Would highly recommend to all my friends and family! What an amazing group!"

    Jean B.
  • facebook

    "Love love love Christine! (And Kathy too). Christine delivered my two beautiful boys and we were very difficult patients!"

    Lindsay R.
  • facebook

    "Kathy, Christine and everyone in their practice are awesome! So happy to have you all in our lives! Thank you for everything!"

    Jannine R.
  • facebook

    "She delivered both my son and daughter, two very healthy babies! MUCH LOVE!! Kathy and Chris the "Dynamic Duo"!"

    Keesha L.
  • facebook

    "Kathy and Christine delivered my 4 children and every experience was beautiful because of them! I Love you guys!"

    Gina L.
  • facebook

    "Kathy is truly amazing! I had the most amazing pregnancy and delivery under her care! Her and Christine work so well together to make the whole process so comfortable!!"

    Erica K.
  • facebook

    "The Family environment Kathy, Christine and the staff at Midwifery Women's Care provide is Top Notch. I love you guys thanks for taking such good care of my family."

    Mora W.
  • facebook

    "I chose this office for my primary care during pregnancy and would recommend here a thousand times over! Staff is incredible, both Kathy and Christine are amazing..."

    Stephanie B.
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